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Cosmetic surgery has become a minefield. There are so many myths and sadly some unscrupulous practitioners, we wanted to explode those myths and show that done subtly non-invasive cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery alike will leave you looking refreshed and relaxed and NOT frozen in time!
We have produced this magazine to demystify what has become a very confused marketplace, to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Throughout each issue you will begin to gain a good honest view of the industry and hopefully find it easier to wade your way through what has become a mire of beauty myths and misconceptions.

In our first quarterly magazine you will find information on anti ageing from the beginning, choosing the right practitioner, surgery at home or abroad, how to look ten years younger and much more.

We have giveaways, latest products, news and treatment reviews, real life stories and expert advice from some of the top surgeons in the world.

So, put your feet up relax and enjoy a fresh new look at the cosmetic industry brought to you by the professionals.

We hope you will join us and enjoy reading many more issues of Absolute Cosmetics.

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